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  • A Ler & Fixo
  • 15052012
     A Ler:

    Invincible é o décimo álbum de estúdio do cantor americano Michael Jackson lançado pela Epic Records em 2001, que reúne dezesseis canções inéditas. Foi a primeira coleção de canções inéditas lançada pelo astro em dez anos, e tem como convidados o guitarrista Carlos Santana, a cantora Brandy e contém ainda um rap póstumo de Notorious B.I.G.

    Nas canções "Unbreakable", "You Rock My World", "Break of Dawn" e "Threatened", Jackson assume a execução rítmica, tocando todos os instrumentos...

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  • Tópicos
  • 14052012

    Tonight's story is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introducing
    A monster had arrived in the village
    The major ingredient of any recipe for fear is the unknown
    And this person or thing is soon to be met
    He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion
    Oh yes, I did forget something didn't I? I forgot to introduce you to the monster.

    You're fearing me, 'cause you know I'm a beast
    Watching you when you sleep, when you're in bed
    I'm underneath
    You're trapped in halls,...

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  • 14052012
    Whatever Happens

    He gives another smile, tries to understand her side
    To show that he cares
    She can't stay in the room
    She's consumed with everything that's been goin' on
    She says

    Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand
    Everything will be alright, he assures her
    But she doesn't hear a word that he says

    Preoccupied, she's afraid
    Afraid that what they're doing is not right
    He doesn't know what to say, so he prays
    Whatever, whatever, whatever

    Whatever happens, don't...

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  • 14052012
    The Lost Children

    We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers
    Wishing our families well
    We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing
    But not for the missing

    [CHORUS 1]

    So this one's for all the lost children
    This one's for all the lost children
    This one's for all the lost children, wishing them well
    And wishing them home

    When you sit there addressing, counting your blessings
    Biding your time
    When you lay me down sleeping and my heart is weeping
    Because I'm keeping a place

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  • 14052012

    Somebody shakes when the wind blows
    Somebody's missing a friend, hold on
    Somebody's lacking a hero
    And they have not a clue
    When it's all gonna end

    Stories buried and untold
    Someone is hiding the truth, hold on
    When will this mystery unfold
    And will the sun ever shine
    In the blind man's eyes when he cries?

    You can change the world (I can't do it by myself)
    You can touch the sky (Gonna take somebody's help)
    You're the chosen one (I'm gonna need some kind of sign)
    If we all cry at the same...

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  • 14052012
    Don't walk away

    See I just can't find the right thing to say
    I tried but all my pain gets in the way
    Tell me what I have to do so you'll stay
    Should I get down on my knees and pray

    [CHORUS 1]
    And how can I stop losing you
    How can I begin to say
    When there's nothing left to do but walk away

    I close my eyes
    Just to try and see you smile one more time
    But it's been so long now all I do is cry
    Can't we find some love to take this away
    'Cause the pain gets stronger every day

    [CHORUS 2]

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  • 14052012

    Ain?t the pictures enough
    Why do you go through so much
    To get the story you need
    So you can bury me

    You?ve got the people confused
    You tell the stories you choose
    You try to get me to lose
    The man I really am

    You keep on stalking me
    Invading my privacy
    Won?t you just let me be

    Cause you cameras can?t control
    The minds of those who know
    That you?ll even sell your soul
    Just to get a story sold

    I need my privacy (Yeah, yeah)
    I need my privacy (Yeah, yeah)

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  • 14052012
    You Are My Life

    Once all alone
    I was lost in a world of strangers
    No one to trust
    On my own, I was lonely
    You suddenly appeared
    It was cloudy before but now it's all clear
    You took away the fear
    You brought me back to light

    You are the sun
    You make me shine
    Or more like the stars
    That twinkle at night
    You are the moon
    That glows in my heart
    You're my daytime my night time
    My world
    You're my life

    Now I wake up everyday
    With this smile upon my face

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  • 14052012
    2000 Watts

    Michael Jackson

    Bass note, treble, stereo control, how low you go
    Just enough to make your juices flow
    Press play, don't stop, rotate, too hot
    You feel I'm real
    I'm everything you need, so tell me what's the deal

    2000 Watts, 8 ohms, 200 volts, real strong
    Too much of that, fuse blown
    Be careful what you say don't overload
    2000 Watts, 8 ohms, 200 volts, real strong
    Too much of that, fuse blown
    Be careful what you say don't overload

    3D, high speed, feedback, Dolby

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  • 14052012

    Michael Jackson

    Your love is magical, that's how I feel
    But I have not the words here to explain
    Gone is the grace for expressions of passion
    But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain
    To tell you how I feel
    But I am speechless, speechless
    That's how you make me feel
    Though I'm with you I am far away and nothing is for real
    When I'm with you I am lost for words, I don't know what to say
    My head's spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray

    Helpless and hopeless, that's how I feel inside

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  • 14052012

    Michael Jackson

    All you got to do
    Is walk away and pass me by
    Don't acknowledge my smile
    When I try to say hello to you, yeah

    And all you got to do
    Is not answer my calls
    When I'm trying to get through
    Keep me wondering why
    When all I can do is sigh

    I just wanna touch you

    I just wanna touch and kiss
    And I wish that I could be with you tonight
    You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

    All I got to say
    Is that I must be dreaming
    Can't be real

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  • 14052012
    You Rock My World

    My life will never be the same
    'Cause girl, you came and changed
    The way I walk
    The way I talk

    I can not explain the things I feel for you
    But girl, you know it's true
    Stay with me, fulfill my dreams
    And I'll be all you'll need

    It feels so right (Girl)
    I've searched for the perfect love all my life (All my life)
    It feels like I (Like I)
    Have finally found her perfect love is mine
    (See, I finally found, come on, girl)

    You rocked my world, you know you did
    And everything...

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  • 14052012
    Heaven Can Wait

    Tell the angels no, I don't wanna leave my baby alone
    I don't want nobody else to hold you
    That's a chance I'll take
    Baby I'll stay, Heaven can wait
    No, if the angels took me from this earth
    I would tell them bring me back to her
    It's a chance I'll take, maybe I'll stay
    Heaven can wait

    You're beautiful,you're wonderful,incredible I love you so
    You beautiful
    Each moment spent with you is simply wonderful
    This love I have for you girl it's incredible
    And I don't know what I'd do, if I can't...

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  • 14052012
    Break Of Dawn

    Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine
    You and me, makin' love all the way through another night
    I remember you and I walking though the park at night
    Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go

    Love me more, never leave me alone by house of love
    People talk, people say what we have is just a game
    Oh, I'll never let you go, come here girl
    Just got to make sweet love 'til the break of dawn

    I don't want the sun to shine I wanna make love
    Just this magic...

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  • 14052012

    If I could tear down these walls that keep you and I apart
    I know I could claim your heart and our perfect love will start
    But girl you just won't approve of the things that I do
    When all I do is for you but still you say it ain't cool

    If there's somebody else, he can't love you like me
    And he says he'll treat you well, he can't treat you like me
    And he's buying diamonds and pearls, he can't do it like me
    And he's talking you all across the world, he can't trick you like me

    So why ain't you...

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  • 14052012

    Michael Jackson

    Deceitful eyes, she's got those come get me thighs
    she only knows how low that she can go
    She speaks the lines that can control my mind
    Wherever she goes I know my eyes follow
    She blew a kiss, I swear that it was meant
    only for me, then spoke with her body
    her only goal is just to take control
    And I can't believe that I can´t tell her no

    That girl I can't take her
    should have known she was a heartbreaker
    that girl I can't take her
    should have seen right...

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